LED Signs for Municipalities

LED Signs for Municipalities

Communicate with Constituents Using LED Municipal Signs

Electro-Matic Visual’s complete LED display product offering covers all messaging needs. Indoor and outdoor LED municipal signs help communities and municipalities effectively and efficiently spread the word on events happening around the community, send messages from local organizations, and keep the public informed overall.

LED Signs and Lighting Solutions for Municipalities

Outdoor LED Signs

The right municipal sign at your visitor center or city hall makes your community feel welcome, and keeps them informed. A neat, professional, and updated outdoor LED sign also shows visitors and residents alike that your community is well-organized and ready to meet their needs.

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Mass Communication, Directional and Parking Signs

Show your residents and visitors where to go with easily-programmable LED signage. LED municipal signs for parking and directions makes event management, parking coordination, and tourism easier than ever.

Interactive LED Signs

Interactive LED signs for municipalities are designed to provide information and facilitate communication at the touch of a button. The LED illuminated, 4k UHD 20-touch display is ideal for meeting spaces, informational kiosks, museum exhibitions, and much more.

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Indoor and Outdoor Digital LED Scoreboards

Outfit your community centers, public parks, event facilities and more with easy-to-use indoor and outdoor LED scoreboards. These durable, streamlined, and modern scoreboards are great for any sport or setting, and are sure to impress your teams, fans, and visitors.

LED Lighting

Municipal lighting is essential for safety, security, and appeal. It’s also important to keep your energy bills and environmental impact low. We can help you improve or optimize your municipal lighting in a variety of ways.

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Audio and Visual

From PA systems to stages to group meeting spaces, your audio and visual systems should coordinate together to create a great experience. We can update and customize the AV systems at your auditorium, city hall, event space, and more.

Get the Right LED Sign, Lighting and Complete Solutions for Your Municipality

Turnkey LED Display Solutions allow your municipality to:

Inform the Community

LED displays are perfect for numerous municipality applications. Consider upgrading to LED signage for your city hall, police station(s), fire department(s), city welcome sign, city park(s), traffic control, parking structures, or city libraries.

Make People Feel Welcome

The way you present and take care of your community has everything to do with how residents and visitors view your city and how they feel while they’re there. A quality, up-to-date, well-working LED sign represents a community that’s welcoming, and well put-together.

Maximize Your Impact

The value of LED technology, when incorporated in a display, is turning static signs into bright, colorful, moving images and messages that are dynamic in nature and eye-catching. LED displays for government digital signage greatly improve community communication.

Promote Local Events

Attendance and awareness of local events in your city can skyrocket with new, upgraded LED municipal signs. Whether it be a concert in the park, holiday parade, or a Daddy/Daughter Dance at the Recreation Center, everyone in the town will know about it.

Why Choose an LED Municipal Sign from Electro-Matic Visual?

We’re Industry Experts

Electro-Matic Visual has been helping municipalities effectively communicate with their communities for over 25 years. We provide the perfect solutions to build community awareness for upcoming events, announcements, and powerful messages. An upgraded LED display is guaranteed to build a stronger sense of pride around your community.

Affordable and Energy Efficient

Our LED municipal signs are designed to be cost-conscious and energy-efficient to keep your costs low and your influence high. All our signs are competitively priced with special leasing program options available for you.

Easily Update Your Messaging

hundreds of color and graphics options that will catch the attention of those going by. Create and schedule out messages to inform the community about upcoming events, announcements, votes, and more.

Our LED Display Technology

We have developed and improved upon our municipality LED sign designs for years, so that we can adapt to any of your needs and installation requirements.

Our integrated mounting rails allow for top, bottom, sides or rear of the cabinet mounts. Our signs are able to reduce overall energy consumption levels by 15%, while maintaining a brightness of 10,000 NITS. Request a quote for more details on how our products meet the needs of your application.

Badge UL Rated

Ratings and Certifications

Our outdoor LED municipality signs are UL 48 and CUL 48 listed, which means they match the standards outlined by the Underwriters Laboratories of the United States and Canada. This ensures quality and dependable construction. Our LED signs are also FCC compliant, which means the sign for your municipality is protected from fines or penalties associated with non-compliant signs often marketed in the industry.

Get a Proposal

Are you interested in upgrading the lighting or signage for your town hall, library, community center, or another municipal building? We can help! Request a proposal and we’ll get back to you ASAP with the details.

EM Visual Technical Support

Here to Support You 24/7

Electro-Matic Visual prides itself on unparalleled dealer and customer support. We’re only a success if you are! Electro-Matic Visual offers a knowledge-base including training videos, as well as phone, chat and remote support.

LED Display Content Library

Electro-Matic Visual offers a large library of content for LED Signs because we believe that there is nothing more impactful than relevant and beautiful graphics. Contact us to learn more about our library and creative services.


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